“Wonderskin” brings you the Highest and Premium Quality Korean Skin Care Products including 2 brands, “ACCOJE” & “AROMAYONG”. Wonderskin innovates to offer high performance and world-class products which are tried, tested and approved by us personally or researched thoroughly, promising the best in terms of Quality, Packaging, Presentation, Price and Most Importantly Authenticity.

Wonderskin is a perfect combination of Korean cosmetic technology and the Indian woman’s need. A considerable amount of time has been spent in researching and documenting the very best out for the Indian Market and we are the Sole Distributor and Licensee for both the brands to sell in India.

We have created this platform with a lot of love for all you beautiful people out there and offer a big range of Natural Skin Care Products, which are ideal for a variety of Indian skin tones and are FREE from Harmful Chemicals, Silicon, Paraben, Mineral Oil, PEG/PPG& Artificial fragrance. Our products are also NOT Tested on Animals and DOES NOT use any Animal raw materials.

All our Products are made with the help of Natural Ingredients, which are very effective and makes the Skin feel younger and softer.



    • 1 .“Jeju Cosmetic Cert” Approved Cosmetics
      Official certification system of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province certifying that the cosmetic brand was produced in Jeju with at least 10% of its ingredients being sourced from Jeju.
    • 2. Clinical Trials
      ACCOJE products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.
    • 3. ‘ECO SCIENCE’ for the best Quality
      Targeting the safety and continuous improvement of the skin, Accoje pursues to develop a formula that is best for the skin through endless research of natural ingredients found in Jeju known as a repository of 8000 biological resources.
    • 4. 7 –Free System
      7- Free system has been applied for the safety of all products by excluding 6 types of Paraben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Benzophenone, Raw minerals, Artificial fragrance, Animal fat and Tar color.



Accoje is a Naturalism Cometic Brand, the name of which Embodies the Promise to “Give The Most Cherished Things” from the Pristine Environment of Jeju and also means “Fine” or Beautiful” in Jeju

ACCOJE products Revitalize the Skin and Boost the Skin’s condition to its Optimum Level to protect it against Stress and the Harsh Environment. It improves Skin Tone and Skin Texture.
Seek the Real Premium Eco Skin Care to regain confidence in your Skin and Experience Remarkable changes in your Skin every single day.

ACCOJE aims to resolve various Skin problems so that the customers can gain Healthier and More Beautiful Skin. To this end, Optimum Formulas, which exclude Harmful Chemical Substances are created based on Research and Development to take advantage of the benefits offered by Natural Ingredients obtained from the Jeju Island.

    • Eco- Friendly Mask Sheet made of all Natural Materials with better Absorption Properties.
    • Skin Irritation Test Completed
    • NO Use of Animal Raw materials & NO Animal Testing
    • NO Harmful Chemicals, Artificial Color, Mineral Oil, Paraben, Synthetic Fragrance & PEG/PPG
    • 100% Pure Essential Oil blended by International Aroma Therapists


Aroma Yong is a life-style aromatherapy brand containing the amazing natural efficacy. The products of Aroma Yong which contain the Top Grade Natural Essential Oils blended by the experts provide excellent effects to Aromatherapy. The skin, body and living products of Aroma Yong, combined with the secret recipe created by Yong Sunhee CEO, the International Aromatherapist, the nature of Therapeutic Essentials Oil, and the nature of the clean Jeju Island, provide a truly well-being life.

Aroma Yong only uses the top class raw materials that are safe to skin and harmless to human body using EWG safety ingredients. Aroma Yong is a natural brand which contains the efficacy of nature and sincerity, combined with the organic raw materials of Jeju Island, a place full of clean nature and energy, and natural essential oils honestly extracted from there. Aroma Yong sincerely brings you the beauty of wonderful nature.