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Aroma Yong Brand Philosophy

Aroma Yong is a life-style aromatherapy brand containing the amazing natural efficacy. The products of Aroma Yong which contain the Top Grade Natural Essential Oils blended by the experts provide excellent effects to Aromatherapy. The skin, body and living products of Aroma Yong, combined with the secret recipe created by Yong Sunhee CEO, the International Aromatherapist, the nature of Therapeutic Essentials Oil, and the nature of the clean Jeju Island, provide a truly well-being life.

Aroma Yong only uses the top class raw materials that are safe to skin and harmless to human body using EWG safety ingredients. Aroma Yong is a natural brand which contains the efficacy of nature and sincerity, combined with the organic raw materials of Jeju Island, a place full of clean nature and energy, and natural essential oils honestly extracted from there. Aroma Yong sincerely brings you the beauty of wonderful nature.

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Korea's Famous Aromatherapy Mask Sheets Brand
Now in India

100% Pure
100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil Extracted in Traditional Method.
NO Artificial Colors
NO Artificial Color, Flavour, Mineral Oil, Silicon and Paraben.
Eco-Friendly Mask Sheet
100% Eco-Friendly Mask Sheet made with all Natural Lumber Materials.
You are so beautiful today as put the power of love into nature.
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