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About Us

About Us

Wonderskin brings you the Highest and Premium Quality Korean Natural Skin Care Products in India from the most Popular and Renowned brands of Korea,  “ACCOJE” & “AROMA YONG”.

Wonderskin, an E-commerce K Beauty Store innovates to offer high performance and world-class products which are tried, tested and approved by us personally or researched thoroughly, promising the best in terms of Quality, Packaging, Presentation, Price and Most Importantly Authenticity. Wonderskin is a perfect combination of Korean cosmetic technology and the Indian woman’s need.

The Wonderskin Story

A Tale of Two Countries and An Entrepreneur

“It was in Japan that I stumbled upon the world of skincare and then there was no going back- Rahul Vinod Chandok (CEO Wonderskin)” A Brand is not simply an entity but a story of emotion, reason, and wonder. The story of Wonderskin is seeped in all three. A single man’s desire to make quality skincare available in India led to the founding of a brand that spans across two countries.

Wonderskin originated with a single thought in the CEO’s mind- Indians must have easy access to good quality natural skincare products. It was during his tours to Japan that the CEO, Mr. Rahul Vinod Chandok stumbled upon the skincare industry. In his words, “I used to marvel at how almost every person there looked kept up. Every woman on the train, on the streets, even at exhibition stalls looked fresh and sharp. In time, I realised it was not their makeup or clothes, but skincare.” His own history with troubled skin and a general lack of availability and knowledge of skincare products had sensitised this garment entrepreneur to the gap in the Indian beauty industry early in his life. As tours to Japan increased and the realisation that superior quality products are available in the geography dawned on him, souvenirs turned into skin-care products and bringing gifts for the friends and family became the act of studying the market. As skins in the family got healthier and smiles got wider Mr. Chandok felt his vision did have potential and together with his wife Mrs. Mansi Moolchandani Chandok conceived Wonderskin.

No story is perfect though and sourcing products from Japan did not work. It was in the struggle to not let this dream die that the couple looked upon Korean skincare. Hailed in the skincare community as one of the best- Korean skincare products fit both the company’s ideology and needs. Hence the Korean-Skincare project started and in time we became the sole distributors in India of two popular Korean brands “Accoje” and “Aroma Yong”.

Then there came the task of naming the brand. Between brainstorming at the office and throwing skincare parties with their children, parents, friends & family, another idea was born- Healthy skin truly looks Wonderful. Nothing else could describe it. The thought stuck and the company got its name- thus, ‘Wonderskin’ came into existence.

A trailblazer in the beauty industry, we strive to provide the Indian market with good quality skincare products. The face is not just the first thing a person sees when they meet you but is also the most sensitive part of your body. It is necessary to apply cruelty-free, mild products to maintain skin quality.

Looking at Korean skincare and studying the skincare trends across South-East Asia, Wonderskin takes on a gender-neutral approach to skincare. Korean skincare is not limited to an activity for just women but is recognised as a need in order to be healthy- just as exercise. This is an approach that our CEO personally relates to. Wonderskin is founded in these beliefs and is solidified by the promise of quality. We believe that skin should be healthy to be truly beautiful and no one must be denied the confidence that a healthy and happy face allows. Our skin is one of the most neglected parts of the body even though it stands the most damage daily. At Wonderskin our goal is to give your skin a break so it can heal and enable you to shine.