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Why are South Korean Beauty Products so High Rated

Why are South Korean Beauty Products so High Rated

A decade before today the beauty industry was dominated by make-up. But that was before Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty took the world by storm. What differentiated the Korean idea of beauty from the standard norm was that instead of covering problems through make-up, it advocated taking care of your skin through routine solutions in order to attain a healthy skin and natural glow. The idea of natural beauty and healing centered the Korean Beauty wave and before the blink of an eye Premium Korean Skincare Products changed the face of the beauty industry. Ask anyone who has been in skincare and they would hold Korean Skincare in high esteem. That being said, if you are a beginner and have been wondering why Koran Beauty Products are so high rated, look no further. We have compiled all the reasons why you should not take the power of Korean Skincare lightly or dismiss the K-Beauty Revolution as a mere fad. 

  • Korean Skincare is Revolutionary in Nature
  • There is a reason why Korean Beauty took the world by storm. K-Beauty products are revolutionary in nature. Korean Skincare regime itself offered a new approach to beauty but what truly makes the routine stand out is that every product in the extensive, almost ritualistic routine holds value as it nourishes and heals the skin. This is what makes luxury Korean Skincare revolutionary- they take a chronic approach to skin issues and aid the skin to rid itself of its woes, instead of covering them up or working superficially. Accoje for example uses a Hypoallergenic formula to revitalize skin.  It nourishes the skin and strengthens it. 

  • Premium Korean Skincare Products meet Very High Standards
  • Korean Beauty is not simply famous for its approach to beauty but also for the products it offers. Luxury Korean Skincare products are not off the shelf items but rather dermatologically created solutions following extensive cosmetologically testing in order to create an effective blend of ingredients which pamper the skin, work on deep seated issues and legitimately solves skin concerns with close to zero chances of allergies or side effects. With the competition in the Korean Skincare market, no company can afford for a product to not deliver. Instead companies bend over backwards to ensure that their products are the best on the market. As a result, an exceptionally high bar is set which K-Beauty never fails to meet.  


  • The K-Beauty Market is Hyper-Innovative
  • As mentioned earlier, the beauty market is huge and Korean Skincare is at the top of the game. This is so because Korean Beauty products are hyper-innovative. Simply put, they keep getting better and one upping the other as Korea is turning into the world’s beauty hub. The pace of Dermatological and Cosmetic Research in Korea is miles ahead of the rest of the world. So, as newer innovations are made, companies keep incorporating it in premium products without compromising their standards. Accoje is the newest innovation on the list. 

  • K-Beauty offers Targeted Solutions
  • Premium Korean Skincare products are not created as a one-size-fits-all solution. It never can and maybe never will. Instead luxury K-Beauty products follow a targeted approach in their cosmological make-up. Every product has a specific role and targets a unique skin issue. Moreover every ingredient used in any product has its own natural qualities and so products created center on solving specific skin concerns for specific skin types.

  • Luxury Korean Beauty Products are Exquisitely Sourced 
  • Premium Korean Beauty products are so high rated because they are exquisite from their origin itself. They are created using high-end raw materials from all parts of the world for utmost care. Such extensive, no-compromise sourcing makes these products extremely posh. For example Accoje, the newest invention of the Korean Skincare market uses Volcanic Bed Rock Water, Shea Butter, Aloe, Ecklonia Cava, Jeju Citrus and Portulaca Oleracea. 

    Premium Korean Skincare products are a posh affair and are high-rated for all the right reasons. If you haven’t jumped on the Korean beauty wagon yet, do it now and let your skin thank you later. 

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