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Valentine 2021: Let your Skincare flirt with your Makeup and see the Magic!

Valentine 2021: Let your Skincare flirt with your Makeup and see the Magic!

Valentines is upon us, which means the scent of chocolate mingles with your perfume, roses adorn street corners, teddys are on every display window and romance is in the air. But all this merriment, dates and the pressure to look your absolute best for your bae can take a toll on your skin. Not only does too much makeup clog the pores, repeated use of makeup on tired skin can make it crack and look dull and cakey. Moreover, not everyone is a makeup guru and that increases the pressure the season puts on women. 

Here at Wonderskin, we heard your cry for help and have come up with some cutting edge solutions to all your makeup and skincare woes, be it inexperience with putting makeup on, too many make-up changes or just a general time crunch. P.S. You have our blessing to use these Korean beauty solutions for your everyday makeup routine or even your office looks. 

Here is our list of Korean skincare essentials that can aid your makeup routine and make you Valentine ready. 

  • The Dewey Beauty: Reviving Gel Cream
  • Our usual readers and Korean Beauty Buffs are familiar with how Korean beauty transcends makeup trends and focuses on healthy, glass like skin. India is shifting to this perception of beauty with a more naturalized approach- so makeup is becoming less full and taking on more natural and nude tones. Plus, valentines has its own magic which leaves a beautiful blush on every cheek. To compliment both the going trend and your own radiant beauty brought out by the spirit of love, we present our ‘Reviving Gel Cream’. Mix it with your primer or foundation in the ratio of 1:2 ( Gel: Makeup) to attain a picture perfect dewy makeup look. Extra points to the gel as it keeps your makeup fresh for longer keeping it from cracking or shedding and enabling it to project your beauty to the world. 

  • Made It Fixed It: Protective Dust Screen Mist
  • Makeup is more than just colours canvassed across your face just as skincare is more than washing the said makeup and moisturising afterwards. Both are actually complementary and work together to present your best and healthiest self to the world. Celebrate this valentine with the union of skincare and makeup with our ‘Protective Dust Screen Mist.’ Apply it under your foundation/primer to protect your skin from external pollutants and free radicals thus enabling a smoother makeup application. Spray it as a mist over your makeup to keep your skin hydrated. The antioxidant rich mist acts as a protective barrier reflecting dust, keeping it from penetrating the skin, thus making the makeup look fresh and clean. 

  • Removing it Right: Reviving Dust Cleanser 
  • Valentines has that magic, it makes you want to look exactly how you feel, fresh and enchanting, but the key to looking fresh is both layering your skincare and makeup right and removing it right. Our ‘Reviving Dust Cleansing Gel to Foam’ is a true multitasker in this arena. It effortlessly removes stubborn makeup and deep cleans the pores without leaving any oily residue. For all the people experiencing a time crunch while trying to balance work and life, this cleanser removes the need to double cleanse further making it easier for you to reach love straight from work. 

    Give our cutting edge solutions a try and let us know which one you like the most!

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