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Skin-Care for the Party Season: Things you must Do after that Party

Skin-Care for the Party Season: Things you must Do after that Party

The official party season is here and we all know what that means. Brunches with girlfriends, clubbing with your BFFs and tons of house parties to go to. Even when you are home, getting ready, putting on some make-up, video calling your friends and popping open that bottle of wine never hurt anyone- anyone but your skin. Makeup, alcohol, junk food, sleepless nights and zero energy for after care are essentially hell for your skin, but we don’t blame you for not wanting to indulge in an extensive skincare regimen when all you want to do is sleep after a big blowout. So we have compiled for you a list of some K-beauty must dos and hacks that would save your skin!

  • Switch to Cleansing Milk
  • Dryness and unabated use of chemicals are your skin’s worst enemy; and those of you who follow Korean Skincare must know how much research goes into using natural products and good chemicals which are not harsh on your skin and don’t dry it up. Unfortunately most make-up removers can have that harsh and drying effect that you want to avoid. Our advice, switch to cream based cleansing milk for removing your make-up. It is gentle on your skin, gets the product out effectively and leaves a clean and cleansed face as it goes. For Korean-Beauty buffs out there, double cleansing after this would not strip your face of its essential oils. 

  • Tone it Up
  • The one thing that you must do after a party is hydrate, both our body and your skin. Most Indians use toners during the day and night creams before sleeping, which usually isn’t a problem, but when you have been wearing make-up, break this rule. Toning your face before moisturising it will repair the damage that long hours of wearing makeup does to your pores. At the same time it will hydrate your skin and allow it to heal better throughout the night. 

  • Face Mist to the Rescue
  • Face mists have a special place in every skincare followers heart. Not so surprising that with its rich and diverse nature, face mists are a definite party care hack. The soothing properties of face mists make it perfect to help heal your skin. Moreover, it even helps in smoother application of makeup while hydrating your skin and an improved absorption of moisture 

  • Sun Block No Matter What
  • Most make-up today comes with SPF which can give you false sense of security and make you miss wearing sunblock. The truth is that while your makeup does have SPF, the amount of product you would need to apply to avail its benefits would be a makeup nightmare. Apart from that a good sunscreen is more than just its SPF content. It is a carefully balanced formula which is most importantly paraben free. This begs the question, just what should you do for that brunch now? The answer is simple, use sunblock before you apply your makeup. Pro-tip, cleansing and hydrating your face with toners and moisturisers and topping it off with sunblock will actually make your skin look better and make it easier for you to achieve a more dewy and healthy look with your makeup.  

  • Mask It Up
  • Now we all know how exhausting parties can be and that no one has the time to indulge in an all out beauty session when you come home just wanting to kick those heels and get under your covers. But if you have the time (and energy) after removing your makeup, double cleansing your face and piling on toner, give your skin instant therapy with a hydrating sheet mask. Nothing extensive, just put the mask on while you change into something comfortable, drink loads of water and remove it when you’re ready for bed. Your skin will thank you for tackling the dryness at night instead of trying to reverse it the next morning. 

    Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if you are a frequent party goer or a once in a blue moon kind of party person, exposure to chemicals will harm your skin and while you may be tempted to think that one night of casualty would not hurt you, the reality is different. While these hacks cannot replace a proper skincare routine, they can certainly make a world of difference for your skin.  

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