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City life has its own perks and exorbitant lifestyle with all the luxuries of a fast-pace life, but one downside can be the effects of pollution and dust on your skin. For working people, taking good care of skin and maintaining a balanced healthy diet is no less than a far-fetched dream. But daily exposure to the sun, pollution, dust and dirt can damage your skin and cause various layers of your face and body to get dark and have that stubborn acne, blemishes and dark spots which can steal your natural glow and make you look older than your actual age. Talking about Korea, more than half of Korean men and women are employed and furthermore, more than 60% of married people are employed as full-time workers. But if you see their skin, they have the most gorgeous and glass-like looking skin which the people from other corners of the world can only see in advertisements and beauty brand endorsements.

But are you curious to know how they take good care of their skin and maintain their natural glow throughout their life amidst juggling between work life and personal life and keep those pollution marks at stake? Let’s dive deep into this article and throw some spotlight on Korean skincare routine and how you can get it too by following these 6 simple steps at home without losing rivers of dollars.

Here are the 5 anti-pollution skincare essentials and tips you’ll need to win the battle against free radical damage, repair damaged skin barriers and beat skin-scavenging pollutants for good and maintain a healthy reputation with your skin and its long life:

  1. Never forget to cleanse properly: Pollution comes in different forms and can be responsible for various skin problems like skin dryness, dullness, clogged pores, various allergic reactions, skin irritations, inflammation and lastly the worst aging. Throughout the day, when you spend your day at work or outside your home, your skin works tirelessly with so many barriers in between which get stuck in your pores that can result in a lot of skin damage. Make sure the first thing you do after coming back home is to cleanse your face properly with a good cleanser, where a normal soap or face wash doesn’t count. If you are a working person, it’s really important for you to give proper nourishment to your skin as the damage induced to your skin is likely to be more and to make it repair at night and giving your facial reflexes a refreshment, a good cleanser that purges out toxins and dirt from your skin. For sensitive skin, try out the Accoje Reviving Dust Cleansing Gel to Foam which is vital in Jeju purifying and giving you back your bouncy skin and glow back and can be used by both men and women.
  1. Never step out of the house without the anti-pollution mist: You know it’s really important to cover your skin with a protective shield that can bear all the skin dullness causing impurities and will provide your skin with antioxidant support and help hydrate your skin. You might see a lot of women wearing scarfs or men carrying umbrellas to protect their skin and face from pollution and dust, but that’s not enough to protect your skin. To counter the effects of pollution it’s important to wear an anti-pollution face mist that defends, hydrates & acts as a fixer. If you are looking for a budget-friendly anti-pollution face mist, then Accoje Protective Dust Screen Mist is the beauty essential for you not only because of its premium quality but because it is manufactured in Korea with natural ingredients and is trusted by thousands of people across different countries.
  1. Use Serum Infused Aromatherapy Sheet Masks: With that being said, everyone should really incorporate at least one anti-pollution product in their skincare regime. If it gets too hard for you to maintain a daily anti-pollution basic skincare routine to revamp the glow of your skin, you should try out the latest boon in the beauty industry that is the serum-infused face masks which are known to have their own set of therapeutic benefits. Every weekend you should scrub off your skin and apply a serum-based facial sheet mask to get rid of that clogged pores and dull dehydrated skin. But how about getting your glow back and also getting Aromatherapy at home altogether? Surprised much? Well, try out Aroma Yong’s Range of Aromatherapy Face Mask Sheets which gives intensive hydration to the skin, that leaves the skin looking dewy, hydrated and vibrant and enhances skin elasticity and makes you look brighter and younger.
  1. Cut down on your fast food cravings and increase the consumption of Antioxidants: Fast food runs our lives, maybe because that’s the facet of our fast-moving lives. Rather than waking up 20 minutes early and cooking some healthy breakfast, we prefer grabbing a Mac while rushing to our office or ordering an extra-large pizza for breakfast at work. But are our greeds really in synchronization with your body needs? Is cooking a healthy meal that tough? The secret to a flawless skin which most of the Korean men and women swear by is maintaining a healthy diet strictly with the consumption of all the healthy nutrients in the right amount. Antioxidants help to repel off free radical damage and can support healthy-looking skin when taken internally, which can be easily done by taking a multivitamin diet every day and saying no to sugary foods and fried food.
  1. Stay Hydrated and Drink Lots of Water: You must have heard endless benefits of water and how beneficial this colourless, odourless drink has for humans. Water is good for your body and great for your skin, it works as an elixir for your beauty and can help you achieve those beauty goals without even doing much. By drinking more water, you can help keep your skin hydrated and make it stay shiny but not losing its natural lustre. It is advised to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to maintain the perfect shine of your face. But besides drinking a lot of water, have you ever thought how beneficial it would be if you’re feeding your skin with beauty products that are also gel-based and great for dry skin. Adding the habit of using Accoje Hydrating Aqua Toner every day twice will make sure your efforts to get flawless skin is doubled and the results are really reassuring. They do protect your skin from daily aggressors like a shield and gives you a flawless look and bright skin tone.

So, these were the 5 useful tips to help counter pollution’s negative effects on the skin and to awaken your skin’s lost lustre by just making a few changes in your daily routine. The efforts might feel a little difficult to catch up with initially, but as soon as you get habitual to it and start watching out the impeccable results of it on your skin. All your healthy habits for your skin will be totally worth it. To find all the genuine Accoje Korean skincare products in India, check out and their exclusive deals and tailor-made packages especially made for you to give you the blessing of great skin.

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