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Can you use Korean Skincare on Indian Skin?

Can you use Korean Skincare on Indian Skin?

Beauty in India has traditionally been centred around “Dadi Ma ke Nuskhe” (Grandmother’s DIY tricks) or family secrets passed on from one woman in the house to the next. As such, Indian Skincare Tips have always been focused on using combinations of food and drinks, balancing condiments and their application either as a routine or a temporary solution. With such scattered roots, diving into Korean Skincare and Korean Beauty Shop might seem scary for a lot of beginners. A chunk of this nervousness stems from the fact that elders in the family do not have enough information regarding these extensive routines, Indians more or less believe in a less is more policy and when we see too many products, we translate it to too much chemical, which simply clashes with the Indian norm of “Natural Beauty”. Hence, the question arises- Is Korean Skincare even good for Indian Skin? At Wonderskin, we specialize in delivering Korean Beauty to Indians and so felt that this is a cry for help we must answer.

Skin itself has many types. These include Dry, Oily, Combination and Normal and skin in some parts of the world may show certain attributes which skin in another geography do not such as an increased amount of Melanin. That being said, skin all over the world is made up of the same tissue, shares the same structure and requires if not exactly the same, then at the minimum, similar kind of care unless an individual has a specific medical condition.  While regional variants of skincare exist, it does not mean that one kind of skincare would simply not suit another geography altogether. Thus, the idea that a K-Beauty Shop concerns itself with only Korean Skin is untrue. We need to remember that skincare is a product of practice and not simply the ingredients you use on your skin. The thought that Korean Skincare may not suit Indian Skin as it is different from traditional Indian Skincare Tips is a myth. There is no scientific proof as of yet which can state it as a rule. That being said, using any kind of skincare blindly can be counterproductive. So our suggestion for our Indian users is to understand what their skin type is, how the environmental factors around them operate since India is extremely diverse and then adopt Korean skincare practices and only after they have figured out a sustainable routine, indulge in a Korean Beauty shopping spree.  Here are some of the Korean Skincare routine habits which we recommend you to follow in India.

  • Double Cleansing

  • Sad as it may be, it is still true that India is very polluted. The merciless summer and an extremely humid monsoon is no relief and in the chilly parts of the country, the winter can be brutal to skin. Truth be told, Indian skincare tips are varied for varied months because of the effect climate has on skin. That being said, the traditional skin care tricks may not always be enough as people need to cope with hectic schedules, long travels, extended exposure to dust and rampant pollution. Under such circumstances, double cleansing at night is something all Indians could indulge in. Using a combination of mild and gentle cleanser can work wonders with removing all the layers of dust and cleaning your pores. Korean Beauty shops lay a special emphasis on striking the balance between the cleansers chosen here. A word of caution, if you select an oil based cleanser, ensure that you wash the product well before you sleep.  

  • Hydration and Toning

  • With proper cleansing comes the need to properly hydrate your skin. We are not saying this but every K-Beauty shop and skincare guru out there is. In India though we believe there is another reason why you need to look into hydrating agents for your skin. Indian skin even on its good days battles sweat, heat, pollution, wind and dust. All these external factors make it necessary for Indians to wash their face regularly even if they are simply using water. This in a sense erodes the moisturising products you may have applied while getting out of the house and in turn throws your skin’s pH balance off, forcing your glands to produce excess sebum. More the sebum production, greater the need to wash your face yet again. This cycle leaves the skin dry from deep within. Korean Beauty shops advocate that under such circumstances, using proper toners and hydrating agents can be the booster shot your skin needs. 

  • Sun Protection

  • It doesn’t take a genius to know that Sun is brutal in the tropics. Another fact known to almost all of humanity is that unprotected sun exposure is the biggest enemy of your skin, leading to a number of conditions between premature aging to skin cancer. That being said, Indians can pick up the importance of Sun protection from Korean Beauty habits. If you think that you don’t need sunscreen on a cloudy day, you are unfortunately wrong. Moreover, if you feel that any of the shelf sunblock would protect you, then you might be making a skincare blunder bigger than walking out in the sun without a sunblock altogether. This is so because not all sunscreens are made equal, and some can even harm your skin. Any Korean Beauty shop worth its salt would ask you to make sure that your sunblock is Paraben Free. It is extremely necessary and non-negotiable. Moreover, you must ensure that the sunscreen offers both UVA and UVB protection and has a PA rating of at least +++

  • Night and Day Pampering

  • While pampering your skin at night is nothing new to those following Indian skincare tips, there are still steps which we can take away from the Korean routine. Using serums, night creams and under eye creams for example in order to target key problem areas. But that is not all, what we really need to observe is how Koreans have different day time and night time skincare regimens. Along with that their routines involve extensive layering. These layers can seem overwhelming from an Indian standpoint. What Indians can take away though is the practice of separate skin care routines for night and day, and the idea of layering a limited amount of products in order to pamper their skin. Knowledge of Indian and Korean skincare can be combined to create a more holistic and personalized regimen.

    Double cleansing and some layering at night combined with the knowledge of Indian skincare negates the need to follow all 11 steps in the K-beauty regimen. At the same time, light products such as cleanser, moisturiser, toner and sunblock during the day can work well in the Indian subcontinent.  

    Once you understand your own skin concerns and start listening to your skin, you would be able to fine tune your existing skincare regimen and understand what to pick and what to drop from the Korean way. Till then, fret not. Jumping on the Korean skincare wagon with Indian skin will ideally not do any harm. 

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