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Best Korean Skincare Routine To Get Glass-Like Glowing Skin During This Quarantine: The Korean Edit

Best Korean Skincare Routine To Get Glass-Like Glowing Skin During This Quarantine: The Korean Edit

Convinced that you are frustrated and bored during this quarantine and the tough times that are inflicted on us. Obviously, we never had ever imagined our 2020 to be like this but this is what it is, a deadly virus COVID-19 is taking over the world by storm and is impacting the lives of each one of us by making us being caged into our own houses and unable to do anything with our lives. We definitely never wanted this kind of vacation ever in our lives. But staying inside our homes is only the need of the hour which we have to swear by right now to protect ourselves, our families and to prevent the spread of this serious virus all over the world. But in spite of the stipulations this virus comes with, let’s just look at the positive side of it and how the world is healing and our bodies and skin is acclimating to get better than before and getting blemish free obviously because we are not exposed to the dust, pollution and the extreme rays of the sun.

But do you ever imagine if you just put in a little bit of effort while we are home arrested on our beauty care routine every day, imagine how we can achieve the goals of flawless skin in just a few weeks without having to visit expensive dermatologists, beauticians or cosmetologists for taking expensive vast artificial treatments?

Just follow these four Korean tips that their beauty educators shared with us to help you get that fair glowing skin within weeks:

  1. Double Cleanse your face: Our face produces a lot of oil to help keep our skin pliant and supple, but if too much sebum is produced, it can lead to acne flare-ups and oiliness which are some of the leading causes of acne, pimples and dull dry skin. To keep the dull and upset skin away, it’s important to cleanse your face twice a day so that your pores can breathe and the excess of oils are retaliated from your face. To slaughter off the dead skin cells and excess oil from your face and to make it shine lighter and brighter, use Accoje Vital Face wash twice a day which is vital in Jeju purifying and is also considered as one of the top Korean products among their beauticians.
  1. Use Ampoule: You must be dabbing serums and high moisturising creams on your face since forever but an ampoule is a supercharged serum with higher intensities of active ingredients that you’re meant to use for a finite amount of time as a booster every day after cleansing your face to awaken your skin cells. With Accoje Whitening Capsule Ampoule, you can brighten your skin to a shade lighter as it’s creamy formula helps in skin whitening with a subtle radiance upon application and get you the desired results within weeks. Considering its high demand and popular choice amongst many people, this particular product is considered to be the best ampoule amongst thousands of contented customers and beauty influencers. You must definitely give this product a try in your 2020’s skincare cycle.
  1. Exfoliation is a must: No matter how rigorously you follow the beauty care routine, if you don’t exfoliate your skin at least once a week then it can cause dullness and darkness of the skin. Basically any triggers that withhold your skin of much-needed oxygen and nutrients will result in dull skin tone. Rather than using an apricot scrub which has harsh granules that can cause mini tears on your skin tissues, you can opt for serum infused sheet masks once a week which are like an elixir for your skin to look healthier and lighter. Try your hands on the Aroma Yong Aromatherapy Masks that helps in adding a protective coating to prevent skin moisture loss and give you a bouncy lighter skin tone.
  2. Use Whitening Capsule Essence: An essence has much more benefits than just a regular moisturising cream or serum as it has capsules which gently penetrate into the skin and starts working in rejuvenating your dead skin cells by producing new healthy tissues. Accoje Whitening Capsule Essence is a hydrating and skin-brightening essence with illuminating capsules that helps in redeeming the lost radiance of your skin and improves the skin’s transparency by giving it a pure and translucent skin tone. Use it daily after cleansing your skin and patting it dry and get lighter skin within weeks.

To find the top Korean whitening products, reach out to and get your hands on to Authentic Korean skincare products which are cruelty-free and paraben-free and are specially formulated in the Korean labs to help you tackle the issue of dull and dehydrated skin with their amazing range of affordable products.

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