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Every woman wants flawless skin no matter of what age and size you are. Sure you had the most unblemished and bouncy skin in your twenties but does the texture and youthfulness of our skin stay the same as we age? The answer is no! As a woman when you enter the different phases of life, different behaviour and level of sophistication are expected in your nature. Same goes for our skin, as we mature our skin desires more crucial care to maintain it’s perkiness and the shine alive keeping those brutish wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

But have you ever thought to reverse ageing without burning dollars on overpromoted chemical treatments endorsed by our so-called plastic celebrities? Ever admired why the Koreans are guessed to be the most beautiful women in the world with the blessing of spotless skin. Well, we have some little Korean beauty secrets to reveal which can give you the perk of flawless skin that looks young and hydrated within a few days of application and lower those stubborn fine lines and the hint of grey.

  1. Use Serum infused sheet masks:  Haven’t sprung on the sheet mask bandwagon yet? No worries, we will help you out. To look youthful and maintain pristine skin, Koreans’ biggest thumb rule is the usage of serum infused sheet masks. As you age, your skin doesn’t produce new cells as quickly as it used to do in the younger age which therefore reduces the blood circulation in your skin cells that results in wrinkles, fine lines and dull sagging skin. To get the glass-like skin you should never cheat on your beauty regime and say yes to the new beauty boon in the market i.e. sheet masks. 

How to use: Try making a skincare routine of using sheet masks every week as per your convenience, but we would suggest doing it on the weekends before sleep at night as it would help in repairing your skin while you are asleep and not stressed out. Take a sheet mask and apply it on clean damp skin and keep it on for 15-20 minutes. Use a beauty facial roller and rub it on the mask so that the serum can go inside your pores. Remove and massage with light fingers and take a beauty sleep. Repeat this process every week and see these miraculous benefits within weeks. 

  1. Use rice as your beauty secret: Koreans are known to be using the age-old traditional Korean skincare routine to maintain their glowing skin. They use rice water as the natural beauty ingredient from the kitchen that not only just acts as a real face wash but also keeps their skin hydrated and bubbly. Rice water is a natural moisturizer that helps slow ageing, reduce dark circles, fade age spots, and brighten skin by making the women look just half their age. 

How to use: It is very simple to make your own rice toner at home. Just keep a bowl full of rice in a vessel containing water and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Then strain the rice and the milky white water received is good to apply on your skin and can be used as a toner for good skin. If you are looking for a better toner with even more benefits then Accoje Hydrating Aqua Toner is the right choice for you as it will accomplish the demands of mature skin which requires more nourishment and care before stepping out of the home. 

  1. Never miss out on facial appointments: Facials help in stimulating the skin cells of our face and it helps in blood circulation. It is advised for all the ladies above 30 to go for anti-ageing facial treatments at least once in 3 months. The Korean skincare routine also involves getting regular facials that help in getting the oxygen flowing through your face, which in turn will keep your skin glowing and radiant.

How to use: If you want a professional masseur to garnish you with a facial massage with all the right techniques then book an anti-ageing facial massage every month that will help you in achieving the flawless skin and will also let go of your stress and other anxieties. But if you are looking for a daily facial massage which you can do yourself for 7-10 minutes then nothing is better than the Anti-Aging Accoje Volume Capsule Cream that takes intensive care of your mature skin and rejuvenates it into a pinkish, tender skin within just 4 weeks. Just massage gently after a bath in a circular motion and see the results within weeks.

  1. Use sun blockage even if it’s not sunny outside: The ultraviolet rays can still harm your skin even indoors and can pass through the clouds and reflect off snow and ice in the wintertime which can make your skin dull, dark and will eventually lose its lustre. Not only is using SPF ingrained, but Korean women tend to take protective measures from the sun year-round by never missing out on wearing any sun-protective beauty products before stepping out from the home.

How to use: After taking a shower and patting dry your face with a clean facial towel. Apply a toner and take a good amount of sunscreen and absorb it on the top layers of skin to block the damage of skin. But are you the one bothered by the greasiness of sunscreens and want to try but a better alternative. Well, Accoje Protective Dust Screen mist is the new talk of the town due to its triple protective barrier to block out fine dust which has more benefits than an ordinary greasy sunscreen. This product is beneficial for dust adsorption prevention even after a single use. Women of each and every age can apply this as it reduces the damage which is already caused to your skin and lets the skin get back its lost radiance and shine. 

  1. Moisturize daily twice a day: It is believed worldwide to never skip moisturising your skin no matter how late you are getting for a place. The best moisturizer for mature skin is the Accoje Anti-aging Intensive Ampoule that provides daily care for plump and radiant skin. The elasticity-boosting ingredients are capsulized to stabilize the active ingredients after the application of ultra-micro technique. When you rub the product, the pink luminescence volume capsules will burst and release the active ingredients, which will nourish the skin.
  2. How to use: After taking a bath or washing your face, pat your skin dry with a clean towel. And swear by the rule of 10 seconds, Koreans believe that it is important to lock the moisture within 10 seconds after taking a shower by applying a good layer of moisturizer to the skin. Pump out a moderate amount and apply evenly along with the skin texture in a circular motion so that it helps in waking up your skin cells. Gently pat to absorb by massaging in circular motions on all parts of the face including under-eye areas and neck. 

Follow these 5 basic skincare routines in your daily beauty regime and watch out for the infinite number of benefits they hold for your skin and how it magically helps in tricking your skin to look young and lively. Else the beauty of a woman is always like fine wine, the older it gets the better it is. 

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