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Accoje is a Korean Natural Skincare cosmetic brand that offers products that are infused with the most plant-based and earthly ingredients. The word Accoje is labelled with the promise of delivering “The Most Cherished Things” from the Virgin Environment of Jeju and also means “Beautiful and Fine” in Jeju.

Accoje makes smart skincare cream

Accoje reviving skincare cream contains highly moisturizing shea butter that ideally fits all skin types and makes your skin feel more soft, smooth and revitalized. This cream is multifunctional that helps to restore the perfect balance between oil and moisture on dull skin. This Nourishing cream is jam-packed with the most powerful and beneficial ingredients obtained from Jeju Island. With Accoje’s moist cream formula you can boost and repairs the dull skin tone by adding add lots of vitality and elasticity.

Non- greasy hydrating formula is prepared created in labs for making customers gain healthy and flawless-looking skin. This Korean brand is specialized in delivering skin-friendly formula without using any synthetic ingredients like Paraben, Artificial fragrance, Tar Pigment, and other harmful Mineral oil.

Accoje revitalizing formulation is every woman’s patron

The natural formula blended in Accoje products is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested which makes it ideal for every woman to use.

Some of the ingredients such as betaine and trehalose together create a skin protection barrier that locks in hydration and improves blood circulation. The application is so soft and tender that it smoothly glides all over the skin. With the Korean Natural skincare brand like Accoje, you can trust all your skin and forget about different brand’s products.

Now, ladies say goodbye to all those additional moisturizers in your vanity and say hello to Accoje Reviving cream that suites all skincare regimes. The most amazing feature about this product is that it also helps in creating a transparent and dewy makeup up that last long and prevents your skin from becoming dry. You get the most amazing and natural-looking makeup base that you can wear every day and anywhere.

What more to know about Accoje?

The brand uses all hand-picked ingredients like Eleutherococcus gracilistylus for preparing the best recipe for achieving desirable skincare with water. It contains an abundance of volcanic rock aquifer water for gentle and refreshing cleansing. The extracted minerals are supportive in revitalizing the skin and boosting skin elasticity.

Accoje’s Motto

Now forget all other brands and their products because we promise to keep your ‘skin healthy and beautiful like a rising star’.

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