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Are you using the same age-old internet claimed beauty techniques and cribbing about your skin not being responsive and still losing its lustre? You’ve always heard that when the time comes, you’re going to age gracefully. But have you already noticed that stroke of wrinkles crossing down your beautiful face in your early thirties or those freaky fine lines screaming your age 10 years older? Ladies, it’s high time to strengthen up your beauty game like the Koreans and get flawless skin within weeks by following the much talked about Korean skincare routine to achieve that flawless looking skin within weeks and beating your age numbers like a queen and looking 10 years younger instead.

Here are the top 5 reasons which are making you look older than your age and how to tackle them:

  • Lack of a Consistent Skincare Routine: Sure, many of us slathered a cotton ball drenched with rose water all over our zit-flecked faces as teens and then cursed the absolute ineffectiveness it had on our skin. As we grow up our skin demands more proactive care with a proper laid out skincare routine that helps us to remove environmental toxins and make the skin radiant again and for that, a good toner works miraculously in granting you with the blessing of a glass-like skin.

Solution: Use a hydrating and firming toner every day before applying moisturizer and stepping out of the house. To prevent ageing Accoje Anti Aging Essential Firstner is the basic thing to start off your day, which keeps the skin hydrated and then the moisturiser locked.

  • Not protecting the skin from pollution: Pollution and dust are the major reasons for causing ageing of your skin too fast. Especially for the working ladies, it gets too tough to maintain a good healthy lifestyle and take proper care of their skin. For them, it’s really important to do pollution-proofing of their skin to avoid further damage and reversing the age of their skin.

Solution: To forego dull complexion, dark spots which have zapped your brightness, look out for anti-ageing beauty products rich in antioxidants with no harmful chemicals which are found in ACCOJE Anti Aging Volume Capsule Cream whose daily application can give you your desired results.

  • Neglecting the Skin Around Your Eyes: The skin around your eyes is the thinnest and has very few oil glands which require adequate moisture and firm finger massage otherwise it would be the first to show signs of ageing with fine lines and stubborn wrinkles.

Solution: The biggest beauty secret of K-Pop Brand is only that, they never forget nourishing the area around their eyes and giving it equal importance like your cheeks. To restore vitality and moisture to soften rough, dry skin around the eyes and fade out those wrinkles you can apply Accoje Anti Aging Wrinkle Corrector which helps in reversing the age.

  • Cleansing too often: Washing your face and cleansing it too often can lead to a lack of hydration and shine from your face. Cosmetically this translates into a dry, cracked, face with a lacklustre appearance and accentuated fine lines which make you look older than your actual age. 

Solution: You have to choose a product that doesn’t let your skin lose its radiance. With the right product, after just one wash you may notice a new glow and fairness. Accoje Hydrating Aqua Toner is a Korean skincare product that can help you achieve that perfectly poreless look when applied immediately within 10 seconds of washing the face.

  • Not getting enough sleep: One of the major reasons of ageing and sagging skin is the lack of sleep which we get due to our fast paced lives and stress and worries of juggling between family and work. A lack of sleep can also raise the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to premature ageing thus making you look older than your actual age.

Solution: Getting a definite amount of sleep is very much necessary to achieve the levels of beauty. Remember when our fairytales talked about beauty sleep? It actually is true, while we are asleep our skin does all the work of repairing for which it generally requires a minimum seven hours of sleep to complete the process. Try and grab at least a minimum 7 hours of sleep a night and witness the miraculous change in your skin.

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